Friday, August 3, 2012

Forums: iPhone 4 reassembly, Outlook email setup, iMessage phone numbers


From the iMore Forums

Found an interesting article you want to share with iMore? Have a burning question about that feature you just can't figure out? There is ALWAYS more happening just a click away in the forums. You can always head over and join in the conversation, search for answers, or lend your expertise to other members of our community. You check out some of the threads below:

- How is Verizon and AT&T LTE on the iPad
- Need help on a complete iPhone 4 reassembly
- How to easily add the new Outlook(.)com email account
- Storage Increase for iPhone 5?
- Disappointed in the iPhone 5 rumored Photos, are you?
- Using the same sync in Mountain Lion as iOS
- iMessage phone number problems

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